I recently posted a photo of my new Z Palettes on Instagram and was surprised when a few people asked me what they were. They weren’t aware that you can “de-pot” your makeup products and store them in Z Palettes! So, I immediately realized that I needed to write a blog post!

Z Palettes

Honestly, I think that the best way to learn how to de-pot is to go to YouTube and search “how to de-pot makeup products”. Also, the Z Palette website has an entire section on de-potting and it includes de-potting videos. FYI, the method I use is the hair straightener method where you set the product on a hair straightener to melt the glue and loosen everything up. You then take a small pointed tool and pry the pan of product out of it’s packaging. From my trial and error I can tell you – do NOT use tweezers (they will scrape your product) or toothpicks (they will break) If you are looking for a tool, Z Palette actually made a de-potting spatula that you can purchase. My husband’s art kit has a tool that looks very similar so that is what I have used.


In my experience, some products have been incredibly easy to depot and some products have been RUINED by my de-potting (a couple of MAC eyeshadows, a MAC blush, etc). So, my first piece of advice is to be very careful and know that there is a slight chance that you will ruin your product. If you are OK with that, then let’s move on. My second piece of advice is to choose your products wisely. My favorite products to de-pot are ones that are packaged in bulky, clunky packaging (MAC eyeshadows, Milani blushes) OR products that are packaged in ugly, cheap looking packaging (Wet N Wild Blushes). I did go a little de-pot crazy a couple of years ago and there are a few products that I actually REGRET de-potting because the original packaging was gorgeous (NARS & Laura Mercier blushes – what was I thinking?!)


Z Palette

The biggest perk of Z Palettes and de-potting is that you save so much space. I can’t tell you the amount of space in my vanity that I have saved by de-potting MAC eyeshadows and other bulky products and storing them in Z Palettes. This also makes them very travel friendly. Another thing I have seen people do (but I haven’t done myself) is to de-pot eyeshadow palettes so that you can combine all of your favorite shadows in one Z Palette. I don’t personally plan on doing this because I love the look and feel of my individual eyeshadow palettes but I do think it would be amazing to take all of my favorite shades from my favorite eyeshadow palettes and combine them into one Z Palette!

Z Palette with MAC Eyeshadows

If you have any tips on de-potting or any creative ideas you have for storing things in your Z Palettes – post them below!!




  1. itsheyjune says:

    I didn’t know about Z palettes either, but I love reading your blog because I learn so much from it! Seems like they would be great for products that also have tricky packaging that make it hard to open/close! Lovely post.

    Liked by 1 person

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