Amazing Concealer Hydrate

I recently received this new hydrating concealer from Amazing Cosmetics. It is .08oz and retails for $32. I have not heard anything about this product so I immediately went online to get more information. Here is what Amazing Cosmetics says about this concealer:

“Hydrating stick concealer containing sodium hyaluronate to help plump skin while smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles, as well as vitamins A and E which help fight the signs of aging.”

As I just turned 30, my skincare and makeup focus has slowly shifted towards anti-aging products. Here are my thoughts on this concealer:

PACKAGING: The packaging is adorable and unlike anything I have ever seen for a concealer. It is bright pink and feels very “meaty” (as Jaclyn Hill would say). It is actually a stick concealer. I am currently obsessed with the Lancome Stick Foundation so I was thrilled to try a stick concealer. The stick makes it super quick and easy to swipe on in the morning.

FORMULA/COVERAGE: If you have tried either the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereyes or the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer and thought they were too thick for you – then you NEED to try this concealer. It is much lighter (both in coverage and how it feels). It blends in super quickly and easily and provides a very natural look. Also, it is VERY hydrating. I’ve been wearing this all week and I have not experienced any creasing.

BOTTOM LINE: If you are looking for a medium coverage concealer that does not feel heavy and provides hydration then you NEED this concealer. For me, this is perfect for most days when I have gotten enough sleep and don’t want a heavy makeup look. On the few days where I have slept horribly and my under-eye area needed A LOT of help then I prefer to reach for my Amazing Concealer, which provides a little more coverage.



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