As many of you already know, I purchased the Becca Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Palette a few days ago when a limited amount were released. This Limited Edition palette officially launches on May 26th, so I wanted to let you know if you need it.

Jaclyn Hill Becca Cosmetics Champagne Collection Face Palette

The short answer is “YES, you absolutely need this palette”. Here is the long answer:

THE PACKAGING: The packaging is gorgeous. I love the white and gold and the palette feels very sturdy, which I appreciate. It was actually a lot “thicker” than what I was expecting. I also enjoy the huge mirror. The only thing I don’t like about the packaging is the mirroring around the products. Mine is already covered in fingerprints.

Jaclyn Hill Becca Cosmetics Champagne Collection Face Palette

THE HIGHLIGHTERS: If you don’t own any Becca Cosmetics highlighters, here is what you need to know: they are incredibly buttery, smooth, and NOT very subtle. If you are looking to “glow from within” – these are not your highlighters!  The only negative that I have experienced with Becca highlighters is that they shatter easily. If you do not already own Champagne Pop, it is a gorgeous peachy/pink color that is flattering on any skin-tone. Jaclyn Hill did a great job creating a shade that works for so many people. Prosecco Pop leans more warm and more gold. I actually prefer Prosecco Pop on my medium skin-tone and think it will be the perfect highlighter for summer.

Jaclyn Hill Becca Cosmetics Champagne Collection Face Palette

THE BLUSHES: Honestly, I was not sure how I was going to like these blush colors. My first impression was that Amaretto looked like a bronzer, Rose Spritz looked like a blush topper, and Pamplemousse looked like clown blush. However, I am happy to report that I was WRONG. All 3 of these are gorgeous, incredibly wearable, and flattering. I’ve heard a few people say that they use Amaretto as a contour shade, but it is the most gorgeous matte blush shade on my skin. I would personally buy this palette just for this blush alone. I was absolutely shocked at how pigmented Rose Spritz is. I was worried it would be a glittery blush topper but it looks gorgeous on it’s own. A few people have said it looks similar to Orgasm by Nars and I would have to agree. I think this will be a very popular shade. Pamplemousse is absolutely stunning but you have to be careful – it is VERY pigmented. Each time I’ve worn this blush I’ve had to use my Makeup Geek Face Buffer Brush to blend out the blush.

Jaclyn Hill Becca Cosmetics Champagne Collection Face Palette

THE PRICE: This palette costs $52 and is valued at $136. I think that $52 is a VERY fair price for this palette. Besides the size of the pans, I can think of very few palettes I own that I will honestly wear and love every product in the palette.

THE REST: I love watching YouTubers and “Beauty Gurus”. Watching YouTubers like Jaclyn Hill is what started me on this makeup-loving-journey. For me, I find it hard not to root for Jaclyn Hill. She *seems* so genuine (and I truly think she is). It’s fun to purchase a product and know that you are supporting someone who you genuinely like. I would highly recommend that you get this palette! If you aren’t able to get your hands on this palette you can purchase Champagne Pop here.



    • katelovesmakeup1 says:

      I definitely understand! Rose Spritz is not very bright – it’s similar to Nars Orgasm. I am loving the bright shades for summer! Are you going to pick up anything from the collection? I was going to get the eyeshadow palette but after seeing the swatches I feel like I already own shades like those.


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