If you have been following my blog or Instagram account for a while now, then you know that Sigma Brushes are my absolute favorite makeup brushes (and no, I am not a Sigma affiliate.) In addition to their brushes, I also love their brush cleansing mat. So, when I received the Sigma Dry’n Shape Tower in the mail I was thrilled.

Sigma Beauty Dry'N Shape Tower

For some reason, I do not see this product talked about a lot on Instagram/YouTube/Beauty Blogs. I’m surprised because this is a great product and so many makeup lovers could use this. This tower comes in 3 different sizes:

I received the Face & Eyes tower and this is the one that I would recommend unless you have A LOT of makeup brushes. (By a lot, I mean 92 makeup brushes). Here are the pros and cons:


  • This product is super compact and can be easily stored. The tower comes apart completely and takes up hardly any space when it is being stored.
  • It is really easy to put together and take apart. There are three “bases” and three “connectors” that you use to connect the bases to each other and build the tower.
  • It is super fast to “snap” your brushes into the tower, so it does not add any time to your brush cleaning routine (because nobody wants that).
  • By using this tower to dry your brushes upside down – you will prolong the life of your makeup brushes. I did not know this until recently but it is horrible for your brushes if you lie them flat to dry. This allows water to get into the wood handle and can damage the handle of your brush.
  • When I am drying my brushes this actually saves space on my counter. In the past, I would lay all of my brushes side-by-side to dry, which took up a lot of space. Drying my brushes using the tower takes up a lot less space.
  • You could actually use this product to store your brushes if you wanted to. I currently use various cups to store my brushes but if I get to the point where I own a lot more makeup brushes I might start storing some of them in here.
  • When I use the “shaping” part of the tower, I find that my brushes dry very quickly and maintain their correct shape.


  • My only con is that I find it very difficult to hang the brushes and use the shaping part of the tower (the elastic bands at the bottom). It is VERY quick for me to hang my brushes without putting them through the elastic bands. To use this part, you actually have to insert your brush from the bottom which I found to be very difficult. Also, the elastic bands are very tight (which is good for maintaining shape) but makes it very hard to squeeze the brushes through.

BOTTOM LINE: If you have a decent-sized makeup brush collection and you care about maintaining those brushes – you NEED this product. I’m sure you could figure out a different way to dry your brushes upside down but honestly, this product is very reasonably priced and will extend the life of your brushes (so, it will actually save you money in the long run). I will NEVER dry my brushes without using this tower!




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