Patchology has somehow managed to combine my two favorite skincare products: mud masks and sheet masks! I was SO excited when they sent me the Patchology SmartMud No Mess Mud Masque. I have not heard of any other companies that have incorporated mud masks into their sheet mask collections. This one-time use mask retails for $8.00 (or you can buy 4 for $30) and it is supposed to remove impurities and tighten pores.

Patchology SmartMud No Mess Mud Masque

THE GOOD: This mask felt incredible on my skin. It was very cooling at the beginning and unlike a typical mud mask where you can’t even smile because it is so tight on your skin, it was comfortable the entire time I had it on. Also, this is a sheet mask so there is literally no mess at all. At the end of the 10 minutes, it was VERY easy to remove from my face and there is hardly any product left on your face that you have to wipe off. This mask cleaned out my pores, left my pores looking noticeable smaller and my skin felt very clean but not dried out. I also really liked the fact that this mask comes in two sections – one for the top half of your face and another for the bottom half of your face. I found that this made it very easy to position correctly on my face.

THE BAD: For some reason I had a difficult time applying this mask the first time around. You peel off the white layer on one side of the mask and apply the mask onto your face. Once you have the mask situated, you peel off the outer plastic layer. This sounds simple enough but I found that when the mask was on my face and I was trying to peel off the final plastic layer the sheet of mud wanted to come along with it. It wasn’t that big of a deal though because I was easily able to pat the sheet of mud back onto my skin.

BOTTOM LINE: If you are someone like me who loves sheet masks and mud masks, you HAVE to try this product. It is so innovative, mess-free, comfortable and effective. I cannot wait to try out more masks from this brand. (They even have a leopard printed sheet mask – SOLD!)

COUPON CODE: So, Patchology was nice enough to offer my readers a discount code. Use the code “KATE25” and receive 25% off ANYTHING from Patchology’s website.  (FYI: They are also sold at ULTA, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom etc. but I would recommend buying directly from their website so that you can use my coupon code).




  1. Amy Koerner says:

    I have never heard of patchology! I love mud mask and sheet mask so I am definitely going to give this a try!! Do you know if it is sold anywhere like Ulta or Sephora? I can always purchase from their website. Thanks for the review! 🙂

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