A few weeks ago, I received my first ever Fab Fit Fun box! Previously, I had seen this box EVERYWHERE (I follow a lot of former Bachelor contestants on Instagram and they all seemed to have one). So, I was thrilled when FabFitFun offered to send me my first box for free.

In case you haven’t heard of Fab Fit Fun – it is a subscription box full of fitness, fashion, lifestyle and beauty items that is sent out quarterly. The cost is $49.99/box (but I have a coupon for $10 off! Just use the code “KATEW”). I am signed up for a few makeup subscriptions but I have a very large makeup collection so a lot of times I won’t “get to” using the new products for a few months. I think that is why I was so excited to try this box – it has “stuff” other than makeup.


Hello Legs (retail value $19.95) –  This is a shaving lotion/moisturizer in one. I am HORRIBLE about applying moisturizer so I was really excited to try this. It smells like dessert! I absolutely loved this product – it’s not too thick to use as a shaving lotion (my main concern) but it does provide hydration. I’m worried I will go through the bottle very quickly but I will definitely repurchase this product. (I apologize but I cannot currently find this product online!)

Inspire Necklace by Jook and Nona (retail value $65) – I absolutely love the style of this necklace. The “gold bar” style is very in right now. At first I wasn’t too sure about how I felt about wearing a necklace that says “Inspire” but it is growing on me.

$30 Gift Card to Sterling Forever

Gift Card to 31 Bits

Ish Contour Kit in Light/Medium (retail value $32)  – This sleek and slender contour kit includes a light contour, darker contour, highlight and blush. I have heard so many good things about this new makeup line (FYI, ISH stands for “I’m Smoking Hot” – how cute). The line was created by Joey Malone, a professional makeup artist, who you may have seen on the Rachel Zoe Project (“I die”). I also LOVE that they included a blush color in the contour kit – I wish more companies would do this for all of us blush lovers!

Bath Bomb Trinity (retail value $28) – Who doesn’t love a good bath bomb?! I haven’t used these yet because I have been saving them for an at-home spa night but based on the scents I think I am going to really enjoy them. I just hope they aren’t as messy as the Lush bath bombs are.

Strap Mat (retail value $15) – this bright pink strap can be used for stretching or for carrying your yoga mat. This is the only product I was not thrilled about because I do not do yoga.

Keratin Gloves and Socks (retail value $9.98) – This was another product I was really excited about. I have been super-into sheet masks lately and this is basically the same thing. These are gloves for your feet and hands and they strengthen nails and moisturize skin.

Kitchen Herb Garden DIY KIT (retail value $35) – For some reason I was most excited to receive this item. I have no idea why because I do not garden or cook. I can’t wait to try this product out and see how I like gardening (at least, how I like the beginner-style gardening). Plus, if it doesn’t go well – I can keep the cute Herb box to display makeup and hair products!

Marakesh Moroccan Oil (retail value of $23) – I desperately needed a hair oil. I actually purchased a different hair oil a few days before this arrived and I ended up returning that one because I really like this one. It also smells like dessert and makes my hair shiny and glossy.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This is absolutely a subscription that I plan to renew. The cost is $49 (or $39, if you use my code) and the retail value of all these products is over $250. Also, they have GOOD TASTE! There is only one item in here that I won’t use and that’s only because I don’t practice yoga (but maybe this is a sign I should start). I also really enjoy the fact that this box only comes quarterly – it gives you time to use and appreciate these products without feeling the pressure to “use them up” before your next box arrives.

PS: I apologize that I did not take more product shots. To be honest, I got super excited when this box arrived and starting using a bunch of the products (oops). If you are interesting in seeing more, here are a few unboxing videos by my favorite YouTubers.

Alex Garza

Mallory Ervin



  1. itsheyjune says:

    I adore FabFitFun! Seriously considering getting one for myself. I love that you get a bunch of full sized, amazing products instead of receiving tiny samples each month. If I do decide to go through it, I’ll definitely use your link! 🙂


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