So, April 2016 was a big makeup month for me. I bought and/or received a TON of products and was constantly trying new things. As a result, I decided not to post an April Favorites blog post. As an avid blog reader/YouTube video watcher, I do not want to hear about products that someone has tried once or twice and enjoyed. I want to hear about products that someone has consistently used and can not get enough of. Hopefully y’all feel the same. So, now that I’ve spent more time using these products, here are the products that I am currently obsessed with for the past few months:

Becca Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette – The packaging on this palette is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been leaving it out on my counter because it is just so pretty. I just reviewed this product so I don’t want to be too repetitive but the blush Amaretto has quickly become one of my all-time favorite blushes. I am also in love with Prosecco Pop – it is the perfect highlighter for the summer. Check out my full review here.

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer – I absolutely love this formula and the color is a perfect match for me.Check out my full review here.

Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette – I held off on buying any Natasha Denona products for a very long time. After analyzing the Beautylish website for hours, I finally ordered the 5 shadow palette in the color 02. The formula is amazing and the colors in this palette are incredibly wearable (even the purple shade!).

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer – Y’all know I am not big on drugstore makeup products so this product must be damn good if it made it into my monthly favorites. I can not get enough of the smell! It is VERY strong so if you are sensitive to scents I would not recommend this. This bronzer might end up being a little too light for me in the summer, but right now it is absolutely gorgeous.

Buxom Eyeshadow Palette – I held off on buying any Buxom eyeshadow palettes for a really long time too. I also spent hours choosing the shades for my custom palette. I am REALLY happy with every single shade that I chose. (FYI, I chose the shades Style Icon, Mink Magnet, Bold Bling, Invite Only, Big Spender and Filthy Rich). The formula of these shadows is amazing and I love that you can create your own palette.

Clinique Lip Pop in Bare Pop – The color, formula and packaging of this product make it the perfect lipstick to keep in your purse. The color is very neutral and wearable, the formula is comfortable and non-drying and the packaging has a mirrored top that you can use when you apply your lipstick. Check out my full review here.

MAC Eyeliner in Teddy – This is the perfect brown eyeliner and goes with all of my eyeshadow looks. I bought this after I saw Monika Blunder use it on her channel!

Hourglass Blush in Incandescent Electra – The Hourglass blush in Mood Exposure has been my favorite blush for the past few months. So, I was super excited when I bought the Hourglass blush trio palette from a fellow beauty blogger. I absolutely love the shade Incandescent Electra – it is the perfect pinky-peach shade for summer!




Amazing Concealer Hydrate

I recently received this new hydrating concealer from Amazing Cosmetics. It is .08oz and retails for $32. I have not heard anything about this product so I immediately went online to get more information. Here is what Amazing Cosmetics says about this concealer:

“Hydrating stick concealer containing sodium hyaluronate to help plump skin while smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles, as well as vitamins A and E which help fight the signs of aging.”

As I just turned 30, my skincare and makeup focus has slowly shifted towards anti-aging products. Here are my thoughts on this concealer:

PACKAGING: The packaging is adorable and unlike anything I have ever seen for a concealer. It is bright pink and feels very “meaty” (as Jaclyn Hill would say). It is actually a stick concealer. I am currently obsessed with the Lancome Stick Foundation so I was thrilled to try a stick concealer. The stick makes it super quick and easy to swipe on in the morning.

FORMULA/COVERAGE: If you have tried either the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereyes or the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer and thought they were too thick for you – then you NEED to try this concealer. It is much lighter (both in coverage and how it feels). It blends in super quickly and easily and provides a very natural look. Also, it is VERY hydrating. I’ve been wearing this all week and I have not experienced any creasing.

BOTTOM LINE: If you are looking for a medium coverage concealer that does not feel heavy and provides hydration then you NEED this concealer. For me, this is perfect for most days when I have gotten enough sleep and don’t want a heavy makeup look. On the few days where I have slept horribly and my under-eye area needed A LOT of help then I prefer to reach for my Amazing Concealer, which provides a little more coverage.


In honor of Memorial Day Weekend, I received a super fun package from IT Cosmetics. It was a cosmetic bag full of their travel-sized products. I’m super excited because my husband and I are actually heading to Kerville, Texas this weekend to stay at a big ranch on the river with our family! Anyways, I thought I would show yall what I received. I’ve included links to all of the products below so let me know which products you would like to see a review of!

IT Cosmetics

Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil – I actually own the full-size version of this product. I really like the packaging and the product itself but I find the color to be a little too light for me.

Confidence in a Cream – I’ve heard such amazing things about this moisturizer and I cannot wait to use it.

Superhero Mascara – I am currently using the full-size version of this mascara and I absolutely love it. It is VERY volumizing. I’ve heard people complain that it can be a little clumpy but it truly does add volume.

Bye Bye Under-Eye Anti-Aging Concealer – I am currently using the full-size version of this concealer and I love it. I wish it wasn’t in a “squeezy” tube but other than that I have no complaints. It is definitely a thicker concealer.

Tightline Full Lash Black Mascara Primer – For some reason I have never heard anyone talk about this but it sounds amazing. It its an eyeliner, primer and mascara all in one. SAY WHAT?! I will definitely be reviewing this product.

No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner – Eyeliner that doesn’t tug and is waterproof? Sign me up.

Vitality Lip Flush Butter Gloss in News Anchor Blue – If you follow me on Snapchat then you saw me try this product on as soon as I received it. I was surprised to see that the gloss is ACTUALLY blue but it appears clear and glossy once it’s on your lips. Blue counteracts yellow, so this lip gloss is supposed to make your teeth look more white. Apparently it is an old news anchor trick and that is how it got it’s name!

Your Skin But Better CC Cream – I absolutely love this product. The finish is absolutely gorgeous. It isn’t the most long-lasting product for my oily skin so I don’t usually wear this product to work but I absolutely love it for on the weekends.



Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick


Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick

I honestly almost did not write this blog post because these products are SO popular. I kind of felt like no one “needed” to read my thoughts on them because they already know how good these are.

Let me first start by saying that I have purchased 4 Bite Beauty lip products and they have all been amazing. The brand is called Bite Beauty because the ingredients are food-grade quality (meaning you could EAT them if you wanted to). I didn’t pay $28 to eat my lipstick though so I am sure you didn’t either.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick

When I was trying to decide which color to order from the Sephora website I had a really hard time. This product has SO many good color choices. I was torn between Chai (a “mauve brown”), Pepper (a “dusty rose”) or Meringue (a “peachy nude”). I ended up choosing Pepper because I felt I would get the most wear out of it.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick

This lipstick is super creamy, pigmented and not drying. What more could you want in a lipstick?? Honestly, I don’t have much more to say about this product. I have zero complaints. It is a REALLY REALLY good lipstick with an amazing color range. Believe the hype you guys – you NEED at least one of these!!

Sad Update: Since writing this blog post, I LOST my lipstick. I am going to do one final search throughout my house/car/purse and if I REALLY can’t find it then I will definitely be repurchasing it. That’s how much I love this lipstick. If you are interested in purchasing this item, you can buy it here.



As many of you already know, I purchased the Becca Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Palette a few days ago when a limited amount were released. This Limited Edition palette officially launches on May 26th, so I wanted to let you know if you need it.

Jaclyn Hill Becca Cosmetics Champagne Collection Face Palette

The short answer is “YES, you absolutely need this palette”. Here is the long answer:

THE PACKAGING: The packaging is gorgeous. I love the white and gold and the palette feels very sturdy, which I appreciate. It was actually a lot “thicker” than what I was expecting. I also enjoy the huge mirror. The only thing I don’t like about the packaging is the mirroring around the products. Mine is already covered in fingerprints.

Jaclyn Hill Becca Cosmetics Champagne Collection Face Palette

THE HIGHLIGHTERS: If you don’t own any Becca Cosmetics highlighters, here is what you need to know: they are incredibly buttery, smooth, and NOT very subtle. If you are looking to “glow from within” – these are not your highlighters!  The only negative that I have experienced with Becca highlighters is that they shatter easily. If you do not already own Champagne Pop, it is a gorgeous peachy/pink color that is flattering on any skin-tone. Jaclyn Hill did a great job creating a shade that works for so many people. Prosecco Pop leans more warm and more gold. I actually prefer Prosecco Pop on my medium skin-tone and think it will be the perfect highlighter for summer.

Jaclyn Hill Becca Cosmetics Champagne Collection Face Palette

THE BLUSHES: Honestly, I was not sure how I was going to like these blush colors. My first impression was that Amaretto looked like a bronzer, Rose Spritz looked like a blush topper, and Pamplemousse looked like clown blush. However, I am happy to report that I was WRONG. All 3 of these are gorgeous, incredibly wearable, and flattering. I’ve heard a few people say that they use Amaretto as a contour shade, but it is the most gorgeous matte blush shade on my skin. I would personally buy this palette just for this blush alone. I was absolutely shocked at how pigmented Rose Spritz is. I was worried it would be a glittery blush topper but it looks gorgeous on it’s own. A few people have said it looks similar to Orgasm by Nars and I would have to agree. I think this will be a very popular shade. Pamplemousse is absolutely stunning but you have to be careful – it is VERY pigmented. Each time I’ve worn this blush I’ve had to use my Makeup Geek Face Buffer Brush to blend out the blush.

Jaclyn Hill Becca Cosmetics Champagne Collection Face Palette

THE PRICE: This palette costs $52 and is valued at $136. I think that $52 is a VERY fair price for this palette. Besides the size of the pans, I can think of very few palettes I own that I will honestly wear and love every product in the palette.

THE REST: I love watching YouTubers and “Beauty Gurus”. Watching YouTubers like Jaclyn Hill is what started me on this makeup-loving-journey. For me, I find it hard not to root for Jaclyn Hill. She *seems* so genuine (and I truly think she is). It’s fun to purchase a product and know that you are supporting someone who you genuinely like. I would highly recommend that you get this palette! If you aren’t able to get your hands on this palette you can purchase Champagne Pop here.


If you have been following my blog or Instagram account for a while now, then you know that Sigma Brushes are my absolute favorite makeup brushes (and no, I am not a Sigma affiliate.) In addition to their brushes, I also love their brush cleansing mat. So, when I received the Sigma Dry’n Shape Tower in the mail I was thrilled.

Sigma Beauty Dry'N Shape Tower

For some reason, I do not see this product talked about a lot on Instagram/YouTube/Beauty Blogs. I’m surprised because this is a great product and so many makeup lovers could use this. This tower comes in 3 different sizes:

I received the Face & Eyes tower and this is the one that I would recommend unless you have A LOT of makeup brushes. (By a lot, I mean 92 makeup brushes). Here are the pros and cons:


  • This product is super compact and can be easily stored. The tower comes apart completely and takes up hardly any space when it is being stored.
  • It is really easy to put together and take apart. There are three “bases” and three “connectors” that you use to connect the bases to each other and build the tower.
  • It is super fast to “snap” your brushes into the tower, so it does not add any time to your brush cleaning routine (because nobody wants that).
  • By using this tower to dry your brushes upside down – you will prolong the life of your makeup brushes. I did not know this until recently but it is horrible for your brushes if you lie them flat to dry. This allows water to get into the wood handle and can damage the handle of your brush.
  • When I am drying my brushes this actually saves space on my counter. In the past, I would lay all of my brushes side-by-side to dry, which took up a lot of space. Drying my brushes using the tower takes up a lot less space.
  • You could actually use this product to store your brushes if you wanted to. I currently use various cups to store my brushes but if I get to the point where I own a lot more makeup brushes I might start storing some of them in here.
  • When I use the “shaping” part of the tower, I find that my brushes dry very quickly and maintain their correct shape.


  • My only con is that I find it very difficult to hang the brushes and use the shaping part of the tower (the elastic bands at the bottom). It is VERY quick for me to hang my brushes without putting them through the elastic bands. To use this part, you actually have to insert your brush from the bottom which I found to be very difficult. Also, the elastic bands are very tight (which is good for maintaining shape) but makes it very hard to squeeze the brushes through.

BOTTOM LINE: If you have a decent-sized makeup brush collection and you care about maintaining those brushes – you NEED this product. I’m sure you could figure out a different way to dry your brushes upside down but honestly, this product is very reasonably priced and will extend the life of your brushes (so, it will actually save you money in the long run). I will NEVER dry my brushes without using this tower!





I reached out to the brand Epionce after seeing Brianna Stanko rave about their skincare products on her YouTube channel. Not only is she a YouTuber, she also owns a skincare website – so I consider her an expert on all things skincare! Epionce generously sent me a package custom-tailored towards my skin-type (oily and acne prone).

Cleanse & Prepare: Lytic Gel Cleanser ($36 for 6 oz) – I am absolutely in love with this cleanser. One of the key ingredients (other than Willow Bark Extract and Marshmellow Extract) is Menthol. This ingredient causes my skin to tingle slightly (in a very good way) and feel invigorated after using this product. In addition, my skin feels incredibly clean but not dried out at all.

FullSizeRenderCorrect & Boost: Lytic Plus TX  ($54 for 1.7 oz) – According to the Epionce website, this product helps cleanse pores while smoothing the visible appearance of skin texture and minimizing imperfections. The key ingredients in this product are: Salicylic Acid, Aexlaic Acid, Willow Bark Extract and Zinc Pyrithione. This is one of those products that you put on your skin and you aren’t exactly sure if it is doing anything. It feels just like a normal, non-oily lotion. However,  I have a feeling that this is the product that is doing the most good for my skin and is one of those products that you really see the benefits once you STOP using it. The instructions say that you should leave this on your skin for 5-10 minutes before applying your moisturizer but I have not had enough time or patience to do that.


Renew & Fortify: Renewal Lite Facial Lotion ($94 for 1.7 oz) – Wow, I never realized how expensive this product was until I started writing this blog post. I really wish that I didn’t like this product but unfortunately, I love it. The key ingredients in this product are: Apple Fruit Extract, Date Fruit Extract, Meadowfoam Extract, Avocado Extract and Flax Extract. This is an anti-aging moisturizer that is targeted towards oily skin because it is very lightweight. This product is great for applying under makeup because it doesn’t make my skin greasy at all. It has a slight scent that I find really nice!

Overall, I can honestly say that my skin has NEVER looked better. I have less breakouts, my pores are smaller, and my overall skin-tone and texture has improved. I knew these products were working when I found myself posting on Snapchat with no makeup on! If you do a little research on these products you will find that they are sold and recommended by a ton of dermatologists. As I am now 30 years old, I have no problem spending money on higher-end skincare IF it is effective. These 3 products (plus a few Tatcha products) are now my holy-grail skincare products.