NuMe Signature Hair Dryer


Hi y’all! NuMe reached out to me to see if I wanted to try one of their products. I knew my friend Lisa had bought and LOVED their Signature Hair Dryer so I decided to give it a try.

During the work week, I let my hair air-dry. For no reason other than I am just too tired to deal with my hair. On the weekends, I like to spend time on my hair routine and I will always blow dry it. For me, the biggest concern is time – how long is it going to take me to dry my hair? This is due to the fact that I do not have great hair – so even after I dry it, I either have to straighten it or curl it.


NuMe Signature Hair Dryer


When the package first arrived, I was really impressed with how sleek and expensive the dryer looked and felt. (It also comes in pink and blue if you want something more fun). The hair dryer also comes with two different concentrator nozzles.

NuMe Signature Hair Dryer

So, after using this hair dryer for the past couple of weeks here are my thoughts:

  • This hair dryer dries your hair SUPER fast. Now, I didn’t time myself or anything, but usually when I am drying my hair I get to a point where my arm hurts, and I’m just sort of “over it”. I never got to that point with my NuMe hair dryer.
  • The hair dryer feels very lightweight. It is also nice and compact for travel.
  • This hair dryer is SUPER customizable.
    • You can use either of the two attachments, or just use the hair dryer on it’s own
    • There is a setting for power that you can adjust from 0 – 2
    • There is a setting for heat level that you can adjust from 1 – 3
    • There is even a setting that will release cold air which is supposedly good at the end to set your style.

If you’ve ever complained that your hair dryer is too powerful, not powerful enough, too hot, not hot enough – I would highly recommend picking this one up. You can completely customize it to be exactly what you need at that given moment.

The other good thing about NuME is that they ALWAYS have a coupon code for their products. I found a coupon code that will work on this hair dryer (or any other tool that you want to purchase): 50% Off Any Tools + free Shipping  Promo Code:  HAIRTOOLS50If you use this code you can get this hair dryer for only $89.50 instead of $179!! Have y’all tried any NuMe products? What did you think??




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