Sigma Aura Powder


Sigma Aura Powder

Ok, I had been seeing a lot about these Sigma Aura Powders ($19 for 0.3 oz) and really wanted to give them a try. However, I was hesitant to order directly from Sigma because they usually charge shipping. Enter the most amazing discovery ever: Nordstrom now carries Sigma! Nordstrom is my FAVORITE place to shop (more so than Sephora) because their customer service is amazing. I will go out of my way to try to order something from Nordstrom as opposed to somewhere else. ANYWAYS… I wasn’t sure which color to purchase until I saw my favorite YouTuber (Mallory Ervin) use the shade Cor De Rosa. It looked gorgeous and I knew I had to have it. (On a side note, if you haven’t checked out her YouTube channel you really should. You may recognize her name from the Amazing Race or Miss America. She just recently started her channel and not only is she incredibly knowledgable about makeup and beauty, she is hilarious. I challenge you to try to watch one of her videos and NOT smile.)

I just looked at the Sigma website and they describe this product as a “versatile all-over -face powder”. SAY WHAT?!? There is no way I am applying this all over my face! I’m sure they meant more as a bronzer or a blush, but in my opinion these are definitely blush products. It’s also interesting that both Nordstrom and Sigma have zero reviews on this product.


Sigma Aura Powder


COR DE ROSA: This shade is very warm-toned and blends really well with your bronzer. For me, I don’t think I could wear this as a bronzer. I like it much better as a blush applied on top of my bronzer. Also, this blush is CRAZY pigmented. And this is coming from a girl who absolutely loves blush. I typically have to build up my blush to get the type of color payoff that I like but with this product – I used one tiny tap of my brush and I STILL had to use a buffing brush to blend it out. (It is worth noting that it blended out really easily and nicely). For me, I would much rather have a super pigmented blush that I need to blend out than a not-so-pigmented blush that I have to spend forever building up. The other thing is that this blush has amazing staying power, even on my oily skin.


Sigma Aura Powder


Final Verdict: For me, this product is a major win. If you are a blush lover like me – you definitely need to check this out. If you are someone that normally shies away from blushes, I would not recommend that this be the first blush that you try. I say this only because this particular shade is super warm and super pigmented so it might scare you if you aren’t used to wearing blush! One option would be to check out one of the more neutral shades in this range (Pet Name would be my pick). I personally want to pick up the shades Nymphaea and Pet Name.

Have y’all tried this product? What did you think?!



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