In honor of MAC dropping the price per each eyeshadow pan from $10 to $6 (THANK YOU MAKEUP GEEK) I thought it would be a good idea for me to share my collection of single MAC eyeshadows. MAC eyeshadows  were the first eyeshadows I ever bought. I probably watched 20+ YouTube videos on the “best MAC shadows” before I purchased any of these. So, the shades I own are VERY popular shades.


To give you a little background on my current “taste” in eyeshadows: I RARELY apply a highlight shade, I like neutral matte or neutral shimmer shades all over the lid (nothing too bright/white and nothing too dark and dramatic) and I like a neutral to warm brown shade in my crease. So, when I go through my collection and tell you which shadows I wouldn’t re-purchase and which shadows I highly recommend – just keep my personal preference in mind because it may be very different from yours!


Up until last night, I stored all of my single eyeshadows together in a large Z Palette. However, this blog post motivated me to divide up my shadows by brand. So, here are the shades that are in my small highlight quad (I would have included swatches of these but none of them showed up on my arm):

Vanilla (velvet) – Bright highlight shade. I wouldn’t repurchase this since I no longer use really white/bright shadows to highlight. Honestly, you probably have something similar to this in your collection.

Shroom (satin) – Another good highlight shade. Ditto to everything I just said about Vanilla.

Naked Lunch (frost) – This shade is good for all over the lid or for highlighting. Honestly, it’s a little bright for me so I tend to reach for other shadows a lot more than this one. I wouldn’t repurchase this one personally but I know it is a VERY popular shade.

Ricepaper (frost) – More of a yellow-toned highlight shade. If I do highlight my brow bone – this is what I use. I don’t have anything like this in my collection so I woulf definitely repurchase this one. My friend Lisa also uses this color to mix with other highlight shades (like Vanilla or Shroom for example).


This leopard Z-palette holds all of my favorite MAC shadows. I don’t think you NEED every shadow in here, but I would recommend every shadow in here. One side note: I depotted the center shade a few years ago and I honestly cannot remember if it is Woodwinked or Bronze. Oops!!

All That Glitters (pearl) – nice rosy bronze gold shade for all over the lid. This one looks great with Saddle in the crease.

Soft Brown (matte) – If you are only going to buy one transition shade from MAC, then I would highly recommend this one. It is gorgeous. It is super soft and buttery and the shade is very neutral (meaning it would work on a lot of skin tones and it also looks good with either a warm or cool-toned look). This color is a MUST have in my opinion.

Patina (frost) – I LOVE to wear this shadow all over the lid with Cork in the crease and Ricepaper as a brow-bone highlight.

Saddle (frost) – If you like warm eyeshadow looks this shade is a definite must have. This is one of my favorites! Perfect for in the crease or your outer V.

Woodwinked (pearl) or Bronze (frost) – So embarrassing that I can’t remember which color this one is. They are both gorgeous!

Cork (satin) – This transition shade is cooler-toned than Saddle. I love to wear this with Patina on the lid.

Sable (frost) – Gorgeous. I am horrible at describing so look at the swatches.

Mulch (velvet) – Gorgeous. I am horrible at describing so look at the swatches.

Antiqued (pearl) – my friend KK gave me this shadow and it is absolutely gorgeous! I sometimes have a hard time figuring out when to wear this but I honestly think it is one of the prettiest shades that MAC has come out with. This is a must have in my opinion!


My final MAC palette is this MAC quad filled with 3 eyeshadows that I honestly never wear (plus one from Makeup Geek – please ignore).


Satin Taupe (frost) – I have worn this in the crease a few times (with Naked Lunch on the lid) and it is gorgeous. However, I never reach for this anymore because I am so obsessed with warm brown looks.

Swiss Chocolate (matte) – This reddish-brown color is GORGEOUS. However, it is chalky and not super pigmented. I still sometimes use this to deepen up my outer V.

Sumptuous Olive (pearl) – This color is a really pretty green with hints of gold. I wish I could say I wear this all the time but I have honestly never worn this shadow.


There are 3 other MAC shadows that I used to own and love but I had to throw them out because they were too old. All of these are gorgeous but I have to repurchased them.

Amber Lights (frost) – This is such an iconic MAC shadow. It also inspired Kathleen Lights YouTube name. I have been so tempted to repurchase this so many times but I feel like I have a lot of similar shades in my collection.

Expensive Pink (pearl) and Girlie (satin) – I really loved these shades as well but I have not repurchased them because I feel like they are very similar to my Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette.

I hope this post was helpful! I had a lot of fun photographing and playing with my MAC shadows! Let me know if there are any must have shadows that I don’t own yet! I definitely want to take advantage of the new lower price.










  1. Amy Koerner says:

    I purchased in the last 6 months the cool and warm palette from Nordstrom. I also got an exclusive palette from there as well. I love them but have so many palettes I don’t pull for them as much. You make me want to pull them out and use them more!! (I recently purchased the peach palette from Too faced and have stuck on that!) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dolledupbyj says:

    What a great collection! To date, I always just bought individual eyeshadow pods at MAC for the whopping $16CAD, but now that they dropped the single prices and Z-palettes are so popular, I will definitely be picking up more individual shadows! They’re $8CAD for me, but it’s still a great deal compared to before! xo J

    Liked by 1 person

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