I bought the RCMA No Color Powder after I heard both Kathleen Lights and Wayne Goss rave about it. I love my Laura Mercier translucent powder but I am about to run out so I’ve been “saving” it  As a result, I have recently been trying a few other translucent powders to see if there are any that I like better. So far, there AREN’T.


I posted a comment on my Instagram about how I wasn’t impressed with the packaging on the RCMA No Color Powder and I very quickly got a few responses (including a response from Beautylish). They said: “RCMA is on more sets in Hollywood than any brand and is still packaged the same way it has been for years… almost in a way to keep it a secret.” I thought this was actually really interesting but it definitely did not improve my feelings about the packaging.

Packaging: I strongly dislike the packaging. It’s basically a giant salt shaker. It’s just not functional. There isn’t a cap that you can pour some of the product into. Every time that I used this product I had to “borrow” the cap from one of my Laura Mercier powders. Secondly, the holes that the product come out of are HUGE so it is hard to control how much product pours out. It doesn’t matter how much cheaper this product is if you waste a ton of it each time. (I did hear someone say that they poured the powder into an old Laura Mercier container, so as soon as I have an empty container I will be trying that.)

The Powder Itself: This powder is very white, much more white than the Laura Mercier translucent powder, and I found that I didn’t like how it looked when it first applied to my face. However, I applied Laura Mercier to one half of my face and the RCMA powder to another half of my face and after my makeup was done both sides looked pretty much identical. Both powders also performed similarly throughout the day. So, the quality definitely seems to be there.


The Price: The price is amazing. You get $10 for 3 oz which is insane. I did have to pay $5 for shipping from Beautylish so it ended up costing me $15. If you use a ton of powder for baking or are on a budget – I would definitely recommend this product. However, if you are like me – and you love the flawless look of the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, I would say that you should pass on this product and continue to use your Laura Mercier Translucent Powder.




  1. Amy Koerner says:

    I have seen where people move the powder to an old loose powder container (like your old Laura Mercier container). I am going to do that but haven’t yet. I like you like it ok but not as much as my Laura Mercier. I think people who love it are dried skin people. But, I’m still going to use it up bc it does the job. 🙂


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