So, I know that I JUST said I wasn’t going to buy any new foundations because I love my Estee Lauder Double Wear so much… but.. I just bought a new foundation. It wasn’t my fault though! My friend Lisa recommended that I try this foundation (backstory: she is a professional makeup artist and we met when she did my makeup for my wedding. We are now makeup besties.)


I had never tried a stick foundation before and honestly, I was never really tempted to try a stick foundation. I didn’t really understand the appeal. I can tell you that when I first applied this foundation I was super grossed out. Something about applying a stick of foundation onto my skin just felt nasty. So, on day 1 I hated this foundation.

Once I got past my aversion to stick foundation, I realized that I absolutely LOVE this foundation. I blend it out with a foundation brush (my Sigma F80) and the coverage is great. It seriously feels so lightweight and I hardly feel like I have any makeup on. It also has kept me super matte. I have literally worn this foundation EVERY day since I purchased it. The ironic thing is that I now prefer stick foundation to liquid foundation (it is so compact/travel friendly, easy to apply, less of a mess, no wasted product, etc.)

I never really hear anyone talk about this foundation but it gets great reviews on Sephora. Here is some information I took directly from the Sephora website (for the record, I agree with each of these claims):

Research results:
In an independent consumer study after 1 week:
– 100% said this product was easy to apply
– 100% felt the product glided well onto the skin upon application
– 99% felt the foundation applied evenly
– 97% agreed the foundation left their skin feeling soft, velvety, and smooth
– 96% said this foundation feels lightweight on the skin
– 96% felt this product did not dry out the skin
– 95% agreed the product felt comfortable on the skin, allowing it to breathe
– 95% thought the foundation provided good coverage
– 95% felt the product minimized the appearance of imperfections
– 94% agreed the foundation provides a shine-free finish, without leaving the skin feeling greasy
– 93% felt the product evened their skin tone
– 92% thought the product gave them a natural result
– 92% said the foundation minimized the appearance of pores

If you have normal to oily skin and have been wanting to try out a stick foundation, I would highly recommend this product. You will DEFINITELY be seeing it in my next monthly favorites.





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