I am so obsessed with these products. I missed doing a January 2016 favorites, so most of these are products that I have been using constantly for the past couple of months.


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – if y’all have been reading my blog for a while now, you know that I actually prefer the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette over the original. It seems like most people prefer the original so I have been trying to make myself use this one lately. I LOVE it. I am not super creative when it comes to eyeshadow, so I have had a few palettes in the past (looking at you Tartelette in Bloom) where I open the palette and I can’t come up with a single eyeshadow combination to use. This palette is the opposite – I open it and there are so many different eyeshadow combinations that I am dying to try. All of the colors go so well together that it is really fool proof. The two chocolate bar palettes are by far my favorite eyeshadow palettes in my collection. If you don’t own one of these – you are crazy! I would actually recommend buying both (if you are excessive like me).

NYX Angel Veil – my friend Shelsea recommended this primer to me a LONG time ago. I have a TON of primers so I forced myself to wait until I had used more of them. The Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer is my favorite primer, but it is super expensive. I had heard that this primer was a dupe for it, and I have to say that I agree. I have super oily skin and I need a mattifying primer, but I have found that all mattifying primers make it super hard to blend my foundation. That is why I like the mineral veil and angel veil primers, they do almost as good of a job as keeping me matte, but more importantly they make my foundation go on flawlessly and do a great job of making my foundation last all day.

Hourglass Luminous Bronze Light Bronzer – Ok, so I bought this bronzer a few months ago after I heard Alexandrea Garza raving about it. I read a billion reviews before I purchased it and noticed that some of the reviews said the bronzer was orange and glittery. When I first got it, I swatched it on my hand and my first thoughts were “Damn, this is orange and glittery”. I kind of convinced myself that I didn’t really like it. However, once I started actually using it – I absolutely love how it looks on my face. I’m naturally tan, so it really bronzed up my skin in a gorgeous way. I don’t notice it being glittery on my face at all. I honestly have worn this bronzer every day for the past 2 months – which is super unusual for me to stick to one product that much. I love this bronzer so much that I just placed an order for one of the Hourglass blushes too!

Dior Lip Glow – check out my full review on this product here. This is the perfect everyday lip color to keep in your purse. Natural enough for work and the packaging is just too cute. This is one of the few lip products in my collection that I have no doubt I will use the entire thing.

Jo Malone Blush Peony and Suede Perfume – I have been wanting to try a Jo Malone perfume for so long but I could never justify buying one because I already have a lot of perfumes that I love. I have recently gotten into selling stuff on Poshmark so I ended up searching Poshmark for this perfume. I found a small bottle of this perfume for a really good price and decided this would be a great way to try the perfume and see if I like it before I invest in the full-size. I’m in love – it is so floral and girly, exactly my type.  I would say that this perfume is in my top 3 with Viktor & Rolf – Flowerbomb and Chloe – Roses.


MAC Cantaloupe Blush – This blush is not included in the main photograph because I CANNOT figure out how to get it out of the palette! Does anyone else have this problem? Anyways, this has been my go-to blush for month’s now. I never would have picked this one up on my own but once I saw Casey Holmes apply it to her cheeks I was in love. It looks orange in the pan but it is absolutely gorgeous on the skin. It has good pigmentation as well – there are times where I have applied another blush first (for example Nars Madly) and it hasn’t shown up as much as I have wanted it to so I have applied this blush on top. This blush is going to be perfect for the spring and summer too.

Have y’all tried these products?! What products have you been loving in February?


3 thoughts on “FEBRUARY 2016 FAVORITES

  1. Amy Koerner says:

    If you have not tried the Physicians Formula butter bronzer you need to. It smells like coconut/beach sent (it goes away quickly) but the color is gorgeous. I have light/medium skin tone and I have not used anything else since I bought this. Definitely worth a try if you haven’t bought it already. Also, is the NYX primer a silicone primer? Those tend to break me out so I am super picky with primers. I have been using the Jouer Matte primer (it has salicylic acid in it and helps keep my face clear of pimples as well). 🙂

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  2. katelovesmakeup1 says:

    Oh my gosh I am dying to try the Jouer Matte Primer!! I almost ordered it the other day. I have so many freaking primers – I am trying to use up some of the ones I don’t love so I can try some new ones. Yes, the NYX primer is definitely silicone based so sounds like it wouldn’t be a good choice for you. I should pick up that Physicians Formula butter bronzer too. I’m ashamed to admit this – I have never tried ANY Physicians Formula products!!


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