Why isn’t everyone talking about this foundation?!!? I bought this product over a year ago but then completely forgot about it because I store it in a drawer separate from my other foundations (because it is rather large). I also forgot about it because I never see anyone talk about it!!


I went into Sephora and told the sales associate that I wanted a foundation that looked natural but provided great coverage and she recommended this foundation. She told me to apply it onto a foundation brush (not directly to my skin). After she applied it on me in Sephora, I met up with my family for dinner and both my mom and grandma commented on how flawless my skin looked. I immediately returned to Sephora and bought TWO of these (in the exact same color – I don’t know what I was thinking). Especially because these each retail for $62.

This foundation looks natural on your skin but provides great coverage. Your skin looks airbrushed. In the past I had purchased an entire airbrush makeup system that I LOVED but the nozzle got clogged up and I can’t use it anymore. This foundation is better than the airbrush makeup kit that I had. The color I purchased (202) is way too light for me but I have been still using it just because I love how it looks (I have been applying LOTS of bronzer so that I don’t have ghost face/tan neck syndrome).


I wish this product wasn’t so expensive. That is really it’s only downfall. Oh, and I guess the size – it is kind of difficult to store. However, if you haven’t tried this foundation I would highly recommend going into Sephora and asking them to apply it on you – the results are incredible.



  1. glowongirlx says:

    So glad i found someone who has reviewed this! Been trying to find one everywhere! I bought this product a while ago and really wanted to love it! (because of the price! aha) but its not working for me! I’m hoping it’s just because i’m applying this wrong! Pleeease could you tell me which type of brush you use to apply this!? 🙂

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