I was recently poking around the Sephora website and decided to look through Sephora brand products. For some reason, I never purchase any products from the Sephora brand. However, after I recently purchased and LOVED the Sephora Mud Mask (see blog post here) I decided I needed to give this brand a try.

I stumbled upon the Solid Brush Cleaner and was intrigued because I had never heard anyone talk about it but it got GREAT reviews (529 reviews, 5 stars!). I purchased the mini size (0.6 oz for $8).


UM this product is AMAZING. It is just as good, if not better than the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser. However, the most amazing part is that it comes with a miniature pink rubber mat (just like the Sigma Brush Cleaning Mad) that fits in the lid. This is GENIUS. You literally put the mat in the lid and then you have the most compact brush cleaning set-up ever. I originally bought this to clean my brushes while on vacation but it is now my go-to brush cleaner. I will be repurchasing the full size (1 oz for $14) as soon as it comes back in stock.


Now, don’t get me wrong – the Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat is better in that it is larger and fits in your sink (which is super convenient). You can clean a bunch of brushes very very quickly with the Sigma mat. However, if you are looking for the same thing but just cheaper and smaller you need to purchase this Sephora product. The mat made cleaning my brushes super quick (although not as quick as the Sigma mat because I had to rinse it every couple of brushes since it is so small).

Between this product and the Sephora Mud Mask, which has become my holy grail mask, I am convinced that I need to buy more Sephora brand products. They are so reasonably priced and are usually dupes of the most popular/amazing products in the Sephora store.



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