2015 really was the year of makeup and beauty for me. I have always had a love for make up, but in the past few years I have gotten really into it. I watch beauty videos on YouTube DAILY (as I get ready for work or at night with a glass of wine to unwind).

This year, I want to share some of the YouTubers that I discovered throughout the year. I am subscribed to a ton of beauty channels but these are the YouTubers that I will watch EVERY video that they post. Even if it is something that I know I will never use (“How to get super dewy skin” etc)


Jaclyn Hill (2.6M subscribers)– I love when a truly good person (as far as I can tell) experiences crazy success. She seems like a genuinely fun, goofy, and down to earth person. If you enjoy her personality I would also recommend checking out her Snapchat as she posts a lot of entertaining stuff on there.
Wayne Goss (2.3M subscribers) – he is just so sexy! I also love that his videos are super concise. Sometimes you don’t care to hear someone chat on and on about everything that comes to their mind. He is clearly talented and knows what he is talking about.
Kathleen Lights (1.6M subscribers)- I have watched her videos for a long time now and I have loved seeing how much she has blown up this year (Colourpop & Ofra collaborations, etc.). Her personality is so sweet and I love how open she has been with her struggle with anxiety – something that I also suffer from.
Casey Holmes (1M subscribers) – Not only does she have a super sweet personality, she is one of the few YouTubers with oily skin! Basically, if she recommends a product in a video – I purchase it within the same day.
Marnie Goldberg (65K subscribers) – She is probably the most honest and real YouTuber that I have watched. This is probably partially due to her age – she is a mother of 2 highschoolers. I can’t explain why exactly but I am absolutely fascinated by watching her Vlogs with her family. She also gives super honest opinions on makeup and beauty products!
Pretty Shiny Sparkly (48K subscribers) – I really appreciate the fact that she has a pretty grueling job – she is in the medical field and I am pretty sure that she is an anesthesiologist and sometimes has to work insane hours. Her Vlogs give me motivation that I can do my full-time job and continue to make time for blogging and Instagram. I also love that her channel is about more than just beauty products – she is interested in technology (she does a great in-depth review of the Apple watch) and Louis Vuitton everything. I hate to talk bad about anyone – but there is another YouTuber with a massive LV collection and hearing her talk about it is like nails on a chalkboard for me. For some reason, when Kristina from Pretty Shiny Sparkly talks about her LV collection it is different. She hunts down discontinued items and knows everything about them and you can tell that she genuinely appreciates them. It’s not just an obnoxious video about “look at the new LV bag I bought for myself, isn’t it pretty?”. Her blog is also gorgeous – one of the more aesthetically pleasing blogs I have come across!
Mallory Ervin (5K subscribers) – OMG this girl is my favorite – if you only check out one person from this post – check her out!  I first discovered/fell in love with her when she was on the Amazing Race with her dad. Then I saw her do a video with Alexandrea Garza and I was so excited to hear that she was starting her own beauty channel. This is hands down my favorite channel to watch. She is super talented and really loves makeup. Her hilarious personality makes me crack up in every single video. She is really good about interacting with her followers on Instagram as well.
Courtney Kerr (4K subscribers) – Honestly, I discovered her account yesterday and she only has 3 videos so maybe she shouldn’t make this list. However, I fell in love with her sassiness on Most Eligible Dallas and Courtney Loves Dallas. I’ve followed her beauty blog for a long time so I was super excited to see that she had started a YouTube channel. She only has 3 videos but 2 of them have already been added to my Favorites Folder on YouTube. Her tutorial on applying false eyelashes is incredibly helpful – go check it out!
LisaJMakeup – Last but not least, my good friend Lisa! We met when she did my makeup for my wedding and have been friends ever since. Not only is she an incredible makeup artist and a former MAC trainer, she is a hard working mom of 2. I find that her channel is easy to connect with – for example, she doesn’t do monthly favorites because she isn’t able to spend an insane amount of money on products and doesn’t want to have to “come up” with products that she doesn’t really love. She does favorites videos when she finds enough products that she is IN LOVE with. I love that! So REAL. Her past experience as a former MAC trainer is also really helpful – she will be able to explain to you how to apply a product, what it is supposed to do for you etc. She even has a video about how the color wheel that we all remember from school ties in to makeup.
There are a lot of other YouTubers that I love but these are my most favorites. Comment below if you have any YouTubers that you think I need to check out!

4 thoughts on “2015 FAVORITES – BEAUTY YOUTUBERS

  1. Amy Koerner says:

    I also recommend: wannamakeup, makeupbycheryl (she also has a vlog channel) mallory1712, and MakeupbyTiffanyD are ones I will continuely watch when they post videos as well. I watch all the ones you mentioned too. I just subscribed to Mallory Ervin. 🙂 Happy New Year!

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