Ok, so I will admit that I have a huge obsession with buying eyeshadow palettes. What inevitably ends up happening is that I use my newest palette over and over until I buy another palette – and then I use that one over and over. I end up not using my old palettes AT ALL. So, a few weeks ago I started “forcing” myself to use each of my eyeshadow palettes for a week at a time (and I have been trying to use different eyeshadow combinations each day). This has actually been super fun – I’ve rediscovered old loves as well as eyeshadows that I’ve had for forever and never even tried! This week’s palette has been my Z Palette full of MAC and Makeup Geek eyeshadows!


PS – Most of you may not know this, but I started an Instagram makeup account (@katelovesmakeup1) long before I started this blog. I have been using this blog for topics that were way too long to fit into an Instagram post. However, since Instagram has implemented some changes I am HATING (like my posts only showing up for some of my “followers”) I am going to be moving more of my content to my blog. So, you may see shorter blog posts like this one – posted on a more frequent basis.




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