If you saw my recent blog post, you know that my company holiday party was Great Gatsby themed! I thought it might be fun to show you my look from the party and let you know where I found my outfit and accessories! These photos were taken with my iPhone so the quality isn’t that great but I still thought this would be a fun blog post!

Outfit: I found my dress and shoes at Nordstrom. I can’t find my exact dress online but Nordstrom had a TON of dresses that would work for Great Gatsby/1920’s themed holiday parties, or just “normal” holiday parties. If you are like me and HATE walking in heels – you MUST buy these shoes. I actually found out about these online in a forum talking about where to buy heels that are actually comfortable and easy to walk in. I bought these for a recent wedding but they were perfect for my outfit last night.

I found my head piece, and two necklaces from Francesca’s. I wasn’t able to find my exact head piece online but they have a ton of options in-store (see below). You can find the exact pearl & tassel necklace that I wore hereThis necklace is similar to the other one that I wore last night.


Hairdo: I knew that I wanted to wear my hair up to show off the neckline of my dress. I booked an appointment with my hairstylist and told him to do whatever he wanted! To be honest, at the salon I hated it (I was in normal clothes and had 8 hour old makeup on). However, once I got home and put on my outfit, did my full face of makeup, and applied the hair piece I was in love! If you want to do your own hair, there are a ton of tutorials on YouTube.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog post where I show you what all makeup products I used to create my look!


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