Holiday Party Makeup (1920’s Themed)

My company holiday party is this Friday and the theme is Great Gatsby. It seems like holiday and New Years Eve parties really lend themselves to the 1920s. For my party, I will be rocking a sequin headdress from my friends at @imthemaryatx. Killian from @imthemaryatx was nice enough to do a demo of 1920’s makeup for my blog (pictured below). I’m still deciding on my exact makeup look but I’m excited for my headdress – it is PINK and FABULOUS!! Go check out their Instagram page and Etsy shop and show them some love, especially if you need something fun for your upcoming holiday and NYE parties!


This blog post is a little different and very special because my sister Emily (@atxhistoryclub) collaborated with me about the HISTORY of 1920’s MAKEUP  trends. She is a high school history teacher, just got her Masters, and JUST started her Instagram page. If you love history, or are like me – and you just want to know more about current events (with a side of sarcasm and wit) please go to her Instagram page and show her some love!! It was fun to combine my love of makeup and her love of history into one post in honor of my company’s upcoming Great Gatsby themed holiday party! Anyways, with her help – we researched the history of 1920s makeup trends.

So how do you replicate the 1920s look? Use a light foundation to make your skin as white as possible – they wanted their eyes and lips to pop. They applied blush in a circular motion to make their face look more rounded, instead of angular like we do today. No contouring in the 1920s! A big piece of the makeup look was a heavy smoky eye with liner, black and gray eye shadows, and thick lashes (even though they didn’t have falsies yet, you can cheat for dramatic effect!) They kept their eyebrows thin but drew them long, arching down the side of their eyes. Finally, the key to any 1920s look: a bright red lip. Companies even invented a metal lip tracer to get the perfect shape – they heavily emphasized their Cupid’s bow and actually left the sides of their lips unpainted to make their lips look like a circular pout.”

I’ll probably be doing a modified version of the 1920’s makeup look for my party on Friday. Are y’all going to any Great Gatsby/1920’s themed parties? If so, tag me in your makeup looks on Instagram! @katelovesmakeup1


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