I purchased the Sephora Purifying & Mattifying Mud Mask ($19 for 2.03 oz)  because I heard it was a dupe for my beloved Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment Mask ($69 for 1.2 oz). I am sooo impressed with this mask and I actually prefer it to the Glam Glow.

IMG_6963  IMG_6964

Pros: The reason I loved my Glam Glow is because my skin felt super clean afterwards and I loved being able to see the nasty gunk it was pulling out of my face (disgusting, I know). The Sephora mask does the exact same thing – I can see the gunk it is pulling out of my face and my skin feels super clean afterwards. It also makes my skin significantly less oily after I use it.

Cons: Once you apply this mask it definitely tingles and stings a tiny bit. It has a slight smell, I’m not sure how to describe it, but nothing too bad.

The Bottom Line: This mask is a steal for only $19, not to mention it is TWICE the size of the Glam Glow mask. I would highly recommend checking out this mask – I know I will continue to repurchase it!


14 thoughts on “REVIEW: SEPHORA MUD MASK

  1. Steffanie says:

    I’ve read that this is a super amazing dupe and so many are loving it. I’ve only tried a couple deluxe samples of the GlamGlow clearing mask – never made the plunge to buy the full size – but I do love the GlamGlow thirstymud mask (i’m an oily girl, but it’s sooo soothing). I don’t think there’s as good of a dupe for that one (yet!), but this Sephora one may need to go on my Christmas list!

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  2. itselaineslife says:

    I wanted to purchase this mask for the sephora vib sale, but it was all sold out online and in stores! after reading this, I want it even more now…AHHh, waiting for it to come back in stock is killing me


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