Bobbi Brown was the first brand of makeup that I ever used. When I was in high school, my mom took me to the Bobbi Brown counter at Nordstrom and the makeup artist picked out a bunch of makeup for me. I think this is the reason that I still love Bobbi Brown to this day. This brand makes me feel very mature and natural when I wear it. Plus, Princess Kate loves this brand so of course that means that I love this brand!



All of the Bobbi Brown blushes that I own are great. They are all very natural and I find that it is very hard to overdo it with most of these shades. However, all of these shades are pigmented and I am easily able to build up the color. I also like that these shades do not contain any shimmer – as I get older I find that I like shimmer less and less.

IMG_6934   IMG_3292

Bobbi Brown – Pale Pink (bright pink) –  I actually bought this color after reading that Princess Kate wore this on her wedding day (obsessed with her). This is another color that is scary in the pan but looks great on the cheeks. However, I tend to reach for this and Powder Pink the least out of all my Bobbi Brown blushes.

IMG_6934  IMG_3294

Bobbi Brown – Powder Pink (pink) –  I bought this blush because it came in the Bobbi Brown Pink Cheek Palette that included Pale Pink, which I really wanted. To be honest, I don’t reach for this blush very much but after swatching it I really like the way it looks. It is paler/more muted than the Pale Pink and I think it would look great on any skin tone.

IMG_6934  IMG_3295

Bobbi Brown – Poppy (deep berry red) – This was my first Bobbi Brown blush and I have had it for forever. It looks super scary in the pan but I actually bought it after a makeup artist at Nordstrom applied it on my face. If you use a light hand, this color gives you that perfect rosy cheek look and is great in the winter months. Also, when a blush just isn’t doing it for me – I will apply a little of this on the apples of my cheeks.

IMG_6935  IMG_3290

Bobbi Brown – Slopes (rosy reddish/pink) – this is one of my top 5 favorite blushes of all time. I had the “urge” to buy a new blush so I messaged an online Bobbi Brown associate and told her my skin tone (I wear a Natural in Bobbi Brown Foundation) and she recommended this color. I looked at the photo online and wasn’t impressed but I am so glad that I listened to her. This looks so natural and pretty, it gives you that perfect flushed cheeks look. For some reason, I NEVER hear anyone talk about this blush – I can’t believe it hasn’t been “discovered” yet. If you are wanting to try one Bobbi Brown blush – I would recommend this one!

IMG_6935  IMG_3296

Bobbi Brown – Nectar (pinky/peach color) – this is one of the more popular shades of Bobbi Brown blush and for good reason. It’s hard to describe this color but it definitely isn’t too much on the cheeks – it just brightens up your face. I honestly think this color would look great on anyone.

IMG_6935  IMG_3289

Bobbi Brown – Apricot (bright coral pink) – this color looks super scary in the pan and if you swatch it but again, it looks great on the cheeks! This is another one of Bobbi Brown’s more popular blushes.



Do you own any Bobbi Brown blushes? What are your favorite shades?



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